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Switch Stream

 The tabs at the top of the player allow you to listen other streams from the WNYC Radio family.

  • Q2 Music is WQXR's eclectic 24/7 online music stream that celebrates 500 years of new music and provides a companion for the musically curious.
  • WNYC provides news, talk, and music radio programs from NPR and PRI, as well as a wide range of award-winning local programming.


The Play button starts the stream you've selected. Switch stream by selecting a different tab: Q2 Music or WNYC. Click Pause to stop the stream you are listening to.

Other Formats

The Windows link opens a 128k stream in Windows Media Player on a PC or in your browser on a Mac. The AAC+ (96k) and mp3 (128k) links stream through iTunes.



Full player

Access the full player by clicking "Full Player" on the right.

On Air: On Air displays information about the the program currently playing as well as the latest music pieces that have been streamed.

Most Listened: The Most Listened playlist lets you see what other WQXR listeners have listened to the most.

My Audio Queue: You can add archived audio by using the Listen and Add buttons in an inline player. Take a single audio file off My Playlist by using the Remove link or remove all audio from My Playlist by clicking Clear Playlist.

In-line Player

Some episodes and articles contain archived audio in our in-line player. Toggle the Play and Pause buttons to start and stop the audio and pick up where you left off. Adjust the Volume by clicking on the bar next to the speaker icon. Download the MP3 file so you can import it into your own media software or portable MP3 player. Some files will not be available for download due to copyright restrictions. Embed opens a window with html code, allowing you to embed the WQXR audio player into your website or blog. Stream allows users to listen to the m3u in their own media software.

Listen and Add buttons: Listen puts the audio file at the top of My Audio Queue and immediately begins to play it. Add puts the audio file at the bottom of My Audio Queue so you can listen to it later. Access My Audio Queue by clicking "Full Player" in the main player.


More Help

If you have difficulty with WQXR’s audio content and cannot find an answer to your problem on our Troubleshooting page, please contact WQXR Listener Services.

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