WQXR Media Sponsorship Application

Please submit this application for consideration at least 3 months before your event. Applications will be reviewed approx. the 10th of each month for upcoming events. (Ex. January 10 for events in April and May. If your event requires an earlier approval date due to promotion/print deadlines, please note it below.)

If WQXR becomes a Media Sponsor for your event, WQXR would agree to the following:

1. WQXR will air an on‐air announcement of the event (using FCC guidelines)... we have over 800,000 listeners on WQXR! The spot will run 3‐4 times a day beginning 7‐10 days before the start of the event. (We are flexible on the start and end date of your spots.)

2. WQXR will describe your event on our website on our Events page.

3. WQXR will include the event in our event listings in our bi‐monthly e‐newsletter. (Right now we can only do this for WQXR media sponsorships).

In return, we expect you and your organization to consider providing the following:

1. Our logo on any advertising or promotional material, including flyers, programs, print ads, website or email announcements.

2. An opportunity for a WQXR rep to speak for one minute at the event or to have a WQXR personality introduce or announce at the event.

3. WQXR banner and printed materials at the event.

4. If appropriate, a table in prime location at the venue‐ including access to the event for at least two volunteers.

5. 5 pairs of tickets for an on‐air ticket giveaway

If your application for WQXR Media Sponsorship is approved, you will be notified and sent an agreement for signature, as well as a digital WQXR logo, within 4 weeks of your event.


Call 646‐829‐4469 or email outreach@wqxr.org.

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