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Going Live: Curtain Up at the Met Opera

That sudden blast of warm air felt in New York in early September was not climate change. It was the collective exhalation of hundreds of thousands of relieved opera lovers.

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Conducting Business

Replay: Why People Listen to the Same Music Over and Over

Nostalgia, force of habit and sometimes sheer laziness play a significant role in the kinds of music, movies and books that we consume on a regular basis.

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Experts: Chopin's Heart Shows Signs of TB

The preserved heart of composer Frederic Chopin contains signs of tuberculosis and possibly some other lung disease, medical experts said Wednesday.

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Do You Like the Met's New Fountains? How About Their Politics?

The Metropolitan Museum has two new fountains, but some people don't like that they are named after David H. Koch.

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Albums of the Week

New Releases: Wagner for Piano, Dvorak's Americana

This week's featured albums focus on two different corners of late 19th century repertory: Dvorak's symphonic music and Wagner's works written and transcribed for piano.

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