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Classical Music Relaxes Cats During Surgery

Following our report on an earlier study on species-specific music crafted just for cats, a new study has found that classical music can serve to relax cats in surgery.


WQXR Features

A Musical Feast for Passover with Itzhak Perlman

Thursday, April 2 at 8 pm, violinist Itzhak Perlman shares Passover music from many traditions, plus songs and memories from his childhood in Israel.

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My Classical Podcast

Download Mozart's 'Longing for Springtime,' Sung by Elisabeth Schwarzkopf

Continuing our series of episodes on spring, here's "Sehnsucht nach dem Frühling" (Longing for Springtime), performed by Elisabeth Schwarzkopf and Walter Gieseking.


Jonathan Channel

Playlist: Listen to Vintage Sounds of 1930s Harlem

A new MoMA show highlights the multi-decade mass movement of six million African Americans from the rural South to the urban North. Here's a playlist of music from the exhibit.