Jascha Zayde

Jascha Zayde appears in the following:

WQXR 50th Anniversary Show [Album # 09]

Sunday, June 08, 1986

Host Bob Sherman rebroadcasts an interview from May 1973 with Elliott Sanger, one of the founders of WQXR and the author of the book "Rebel in Radio", for an overview of the history of WQXR. This is part 1 of the interview. Jascha Zayde and Alma Dettinger (via telephone) are ...


WQXR 50th Anniversary Show [Album # 04]

Sunday, May 04, 1986

Bob Sherman interviews guest Jascha Zayde, who began working at the station in 1936.

Performances include:
Claude Debussy - En Blanc Et Noir Scherzando (Leonid Hambro & Jascha Zayde)
Mendelssohn (Virtuoso Piano Quartet)
Chopin - Rondo in in C Minor (Jascha Zayde)
Schubert ...