Kate Hinds

Kate Hinds covers transportation for WNYC News.  

Some of her recent stories are about Citi Bike's reboot, Second Avenue Subway construction, the lament of the C train rider, poverty and traffic crashes, and how the MTA could still operate in a massive snowstorm (aka the 'Snowpiercer' scenario). She produced the award-winning radio documentary Back of the Bus: Mass Transit, Race and Inequality. She is also the producer of Shifting Gears: The Retooling of the American Auto Industry, a multi-station collaboration distributed by PRX. She got her start as a producer on The Brian Lehrer Show. Her hand is featured prominently in a recent Transportation Nation video. She has a tendency to live-tweet MTA board meetings, and she's been known to write under a pseudonym. She lives with her family on Manhattan's Upper West Side, where Oliver is her local bodega cat. Follow her on Twitter.

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New York City Comptroller's Office Launches Database of City Expenditures

Monday, July 26, 2010

As part of the station’s role as a watchdog of government transparency, WNYC has been following the $508 million renovation of the Brooklyn Bridge. So when a database detailing exactly what New York City is spending went live this month, we took it for a test drive.