Kate Hinds

Kate Hinds is an Associate Producer for WNYC News.  She also reports for WNYC and Transportation Nation, a public radio reporting project that combines the work of multiple newsrooms to provide coverage of how we build, rebuild and get around the nation.  

Some of her recent stories are about Citi Bike, Second Avenue Subway construction, bike delivery rules, poverty and traffic crashes, and how NJ Transit failed Sandy's test. She produced the award-winning radio documentary Back of the Bus: Mass Transit, Race and Inequality. She is also the producer of Shifting Gears: The Retooling of the American Auto Industry, a multi-station collaboration distributed by PRX. She got her start as a producer on The Brian Lehrer Show. Her hand is featured prominently in a recent Transportation Nation video. She has a tendency to live-tweet MTA board meetings, and she's been known to write under a pseudonym. She lives with her family on Manhattan's Upper West Side, where Oliver is her local bodega cat. Follow her on Twitter.

Kate Hinds appears in the following:

New York City Comptroller's Office Launches Database of City Expenditures

Monday, July 26, 2010

As part of the station’s role as a watchdog of government transparency, WNYC has been following the $508 million renovation of the Brooklyn Bridge. So when a database detailing exactly what New York City is spending went live this month, we took it for a test drive.