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Playlist For February 09, 2013

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Elizabeth Mina from Oak Island, NC

Where can I buy this 11:22 AM Sat., Feb 9 selection when the link to ArkivMusic does not recognize it or the album it's on ("My Home on Steppe?"

The Flower Wulaleji
Buryat Folk Song

China Philharmonic Orchestra
Quintessenso Children's Choir
Long Yu, conductor

China Philharmonic Orchestra N/A
length: 05:00

Buy Track via ArkivMusic

This was the most beautiful piece of music I ever heard, and I actually ran out of my study where I was busy writing my novel to hear our radio stream it in my home.

Feb. 11 2013 09:07 AM
Mike from Riverdale

I was so taken with The Flower Wulaleji by the China Phil w/ the Quintessenso Children's Choir on Annie Bergen's Saturday show but I can't find the CD at Archive or Amazon. Just wonder if anyone else had better luck or if the station can direct me. Thanks.

Feb. 10 2013 11:05 AM

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