David Garland

Playlist For January 11, 2014

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I didn't hear the program but presumably Bonnie is referring to Rubinstein's Reve Angelique which, because of associations with their courtship was a great favorite of my parents.

I agree that it's rather overexposed and that too much of the programming on this station has too much overfamiliar music.

Jan. 11 2014 10:26 PM
Bonnie from Greenwich Village

If New Yorkers could have back all the time they've spent listening to this lovely but hellishly overexposed piece, we would all be immortal!

I often wonder what became of the fantastic variety of classical music that was heard on WNYC-FM pre-9/11/2001. Did Steve Post take it all home?

David Garland is usually the exception, but the procession of warhorses on WQXR brings me to the verge of tears. When Naomi Lewin said, the other day, "Oh, did I mention that 'An American in Paris' is by Gershwin?", I almost lost it.

To repurpose an old joke about television, "I turn it off more than I turn it on."

O David Garland, can you save us?

Jan. 11 2014 07:13 PM

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