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Playlist For December 29, 2012

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Joan Rosenfelt from Lonely, Iggorant Boondocks of Sullivan County, NY

It seems that your playlist is all screwed up! And I have NO IDEA what you are playing right now!!!
Is anyone THERE?! - or what?...

Dec. 29 2012 09:16 PM
Cynthia MacGrath from New York City

I have noticed that with certain Classical Countdown choices, only portions of the piece are played. Examples: Bizet's "Pearlfishers" duet, Tchaikovsky's "Nutcracker" Waltz of the Flowers, Rachmnainoff's Symphony #2 E Minor Adagio. Does this mean that voters selected only those portions of the work, or that WQXR determined that the piece was not worth playing in its entirety?

Dec. 29 2012 09:03 AM
Raoul Hurwitz from Costa Rica

I live in Costa Rica and just discovered that I can get QXR here in Costa Rica Central America. Why don't you include the enire day's play list it end at 8:45am? Why don't you provide a compler scedule foran entire month? Your play list and schedule are very difficult to use because they are very incomplete. Also how do I check events by the calendar? I click on the date I want to view and nothing happens. By the way I love the Operavore.

Keep up the good work. Love opera and clsssical music which is not readily available here in Costa Rica

Dec. 29 2012 09:01 AM

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