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Playlist For November 30, 2012

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Peter O'Malley from Oakland, N.J.

Part of my annual rant: I know that WQXR is steered by what's happening in the world of commerce, but, even so, it's not even Advent yet, so why are we ignoring music written precisely for Advent (if we must be seaseonl, which is OK: but we also have Hannukah next week, don't we?).
And, on to my other point of contention: this poor little piece of fluff ("Sleigh Ride") is not a Christmas piece, but has been so ghettoized (as are such light pieces as "Skaters' Waltz", "Jingle Bells", "Let it Snow", etc.), that not only are they overplayed around now, but then we are not allowed to hear them as light-hearted expressions of winter afer December 25th, because of that misassociation with Christmas (which actually goes until JAnuary 6th, but that's a lost battle).

Nov. 30 2012 02:57 PM

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