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Playlist For February 26, 2013

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What happened in your play list ?

You stop your play list at 12.50

I really need to know what you forcasted at 2.40 PM
on 2-26-2013
Thank you

Feb. 26 2013 09:57 PM
ANTOINETTE TORRENS from 211 E 35th Street NYC 10016

What was the Program on WQXR Feb 26 2013 at 2.45 PM
It was like a lullaby that my mother was singing when I was a child.

What is the composer and where can I find the music in DVD ?

Feb. 26 2013 09:35 PM
Bonnie Dietrich from nyc

P.S. to my previous message (a few minutes ago).
I forgot to mention that I DID look at today's playlist but cannot find the Chopin Nocturne in C-sharp minor so far. Thank you (again)! :)

Bonnie Dietrich

Feb. 26 2013 01:49 PM
Bonnie Dietrich from NYC

It's approximately 1:45 pm on Tuesday, Feb. 26. WQXR just broadcast a Chopin Nocturne in C-sharp minor, which I might want to learn, but in going through my book of all the nocturnes of Chopin I can't seem to find it. Can you tell me the opus number and/or anything else that would help me track it down, either in the book I have or elsewhere (i.e., library)? Thank you so very much.
Bonnie Dietrich

Feb. 26 2013 01:46 PM

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