Elliott Forrest

Playlist For March 22, 2013

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Mary Fran from New York CIty

The music is wonderful but your web site is frustrating. It often doesn't show what's on the air at the time it's playing. Right now it shows that a cantata is playing and there's actually a concerto on. There's no way to see what is scheduled. Unfortunately I can't listen 24 hours a day so it would be nice to know what's coming up. As for your mobile app, it's truly awful. I have an android tablet and when I can hear WQXR there is a long delay compared to what's on the radio. Most of the time it won't even play no matter what I do. A big disappointment. I'm a contributor but I feel short changed with these problems.

Mar. 22 2013 03:14 PM
Pierre D. Faustin

Can someone please tell me what is the logical reason not to list in plain English the title of the music playing? I don't speak German and I find it particularly annoying to have to try to put meaning to the title of a German piece or an opera. Since I have been going to the opera, the philharmonic and listening to classical music for quite some time, this expression of elitism on the part of you people does not represent a problem for me but what about the uninitiated? isn't it a pierre d'achoppement for them and therefore serve only as a discouraging element in thier evolution.
I hope that you people will come down from your pedestal and try to educate and attract, rather than repel potential lovers of classical and opera.

Mar. 22 2013 11:28 AM
Michael Vogel from Westchester NY

Bach 360 is a fantastic program

Mar. 22 2013 10:57 AM

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