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Playlist For November 22, 2012

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Good idea. I think I will watch the film "Alice's Restaurant" today. It flows from Ken Burns' "The Dust Bowl" nicely, through Woody and on to Dylan. I will also be listening to Virgil Thomson's "The Plow that Broke the Plains" today. I hope WQXR will play it. I don't think there was a genre "preference" in playing Dvorak. It is very appropriate to play it today or any day. A marvelous piece, after all. I heard Arlo Guthrie do (I am not sure play is the verb) "Alice's Restaurant" at Constitution Hall in 1968. Livingston Taylor was Guthrie's warm up, I recall. Alice's duct bowl ballad was an extension of the "talking union" genre of The Weavers. In the film Arlo (as himself) squirms through music appreciation but I am sure he'd approve of Dvorak. Who wouldn't.

Nov. 22 2012 01:06 PM

Hi, Pauline -

It was not my intention to put down 'Alice's Restaurant'. I wrote a friend this morning to say that I was going to dig out my LP and play it tomorrow! It's one of my favorites. And I loved the piece on CBS this morning.

Sorry if I sounded otherwise.

Happy Thanksgiving! Midge

Nov. 22 2012 12:59 PM
Pauline from Jackson Heights

I thought Midge Woolsey's comment "That while the rest of the stations are playing "Alice's Restaurant" she would be playing the "New World Symphony."
It is inappropriate and unnecessary to put down one genre of music to heighten another. At this point "Alice's Restaurant" has become associated with Thanksgiving and it should be given that due.

Nov. 22 2012 12:34 PM

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