Midge Woolsey

Playlist For November 29, 2012

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Peter O'Malley from Oakland, New Jersey

Sorry; I just had to switch to jazz on WKCR for a while. There's so much more to "Aida" than the orchestral version (not even a chorus!!) of the triumphal scene, which we hear ALL THE TIME!! How about the final scene? how about the Nile scene? How about "Celeste Aida". . . .?

This is like the so-called classic rock stations that play the same 3-4 songs of any given performer over and over: WQXR seems to be deliberately ignoring the riches in its library.

Nov. 29 2012 01:56 PM
concetta nardone from Nassau

Thanks for the Parsifal. How absolutely lovely. I am 76 years old and it still shakes me up a bit.

Nov. 29 2012 12:32 PM

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