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Playlist For December 11, 2012

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Was it at 5 am that you heard the piece? Perhaps it was this:
Piano Concerto in B-flat MajorAntonio Salieri
Aldo Ciccolini, piano
I Solisti Veneti
Claudio Scimone, conductor
Sound 3415
length: 26:40

Dec. 11 2012 11:24 AM
Renate Perls from Greenwich Village

I just heard a piano concerto which I don't think I have ever heard before.. I caught the name ALDO CICCOLINI for a moment, but did not hear the name of the composer, nor the conductor. I listened for about a half hour and never found out the name of this piano concerto and did I even hear Aldo's name ??? It certainly sounded like his playing.... every note an individual sound. I cannot find any information on QXR.......
Please can you let me know the details of who, what, etc. It's very frustrating not to hear these details after a half hour of listening to a piece... particularly for me as Ciccolini is my favorite pianist and has been for nearly 40 years. Lately one hears very little of him as WQXR seems to hide him for a once in a blue moon "appearance" in the middle of the night.. Pity.

Dec. 11 2012 05:50 AM

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