Jeff Spurgeon

Playlist For April 01, 2013

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Peter Feldman from New York City

Vivaldi yes, Baroque music yes, but playing all day music by Bach, Beethoven, Mozart or Wagner is WRONG. It is monotonous and tedious to play ONLY music by ONE composer regardless of how GREAT he was. I saw the Ring of the Nibelungs and regardless of how I like Mozart ot Verdi it would be tiring to see four operas by Mozart or Verdi instead of four operas by Wagner. It is necessary for WQXR to show RESTRAIN and avoid EXCESSES, only undemocratic people incur in EXCESSES.

Apr. 01 2013 08:33 AM
Peter Feldman from New York City

Are you mad? Do you intend to play music by Bach EVERY MORNING?

Apr. 01 2013 08:13 AM

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