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Playlist For December 30, 2013

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Nina from New York

First, as always, thank you all for the Classical Countdown! It is a fun tradition! I have a request: When it comes to ballets (for example Swan Lake), unless the majority of people have specifically wrote in "the suite from," please stop playing the suite from them. Rather, please play other excerpts from them! Please! The full ballet of Swan Lake has incredible music in it that is not in the suite. Also, same goes for operas. For instance, for Carmen, please play vocal excerpts from the opera, such as the wonderful quintet in Act 2. Please, not the instrumental suite of themes from the opera! Again, unless people have specifically written down "the suite" please don't assume that's what they are voting for! (As of this moment, Carmen hasn't appeared yet this year, so if it did make it, I don't yet know for certain what they're going to play for the countdown. But every prior year that I can recall has been that way).
Hoping to hear these changes next year!

Best wishes, 

Dec. 30 2013 09:53 AM
Stephan Krueger from Winnipeg, MB, Canada

5:45 and :46; 5:30 and :31 playlist items were repeated. Your automated system is showing one item and then exactly the same item again a minute later. Maybe this will correct itself?

Dec. 30 2013 05:57 AM

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