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Playlist For October 16, 2011

  • 12:08 AM

    This Is My Music: Betty Buckley - Aired: 3/24/1984

    length: 55:45

    01:04 AM

    Fritz Kreisler's 80th Birthday Tribute/Brahms Violin Concerto - Aired: 2/02/1955

    Johannes Brahms

    length: 50:24

    01:55 AM

    The Vocal Scene: Leontyne Price - Aired: 2/06/1997

    length: 56:12

    02:51 AM

    The Vocal Scene: Leontyne Price - Aired: 2/06/1997

    length: 56:12

    03:48 AM

    WQXR String Quartet Live - Aired: 2/25/1961

    length: 50:11

    04:38 AM

    This Is My Music: Glenn Close - Aired: Unavailable

    length: 51:17

    05:30 AM

    The Vocal Scene: By The Light of the Silvery Moon - Aired: 6/20/1991

    length: 50:54

  • 06:22 AM

    This Is My Music: Ian McKellen - Aired: Early 1980's

    length: 54:07

    07:17 AM

    The First Vladimir Horowitz Recital Broadcast on the Ra

    08:11 AM

    This Is My Music: George Shearing - Aired: 11/10/1984

    length: 55:35

    09:07 AM

    The Vocal Scene: Maria Callas - Aired: 9/22/1977

    length: 48:41

    09:55 AM

    String Classics - Aired: 1/30/1942

    length: 29:28

    10:25 AM

    The Vocal Scene: Leontyne Price - Aired: 2/06/1997

    length: 56:12

    11:21 AM

    Memoires In Music: Alexander Pushkin - Aired: 5/03/1985

    length: 01:39:59

  • 07:38 PM

    The Vocal Scene: Fritz Wunderlick Tribute - Aired: 9/25/1980

    length: 48:37

    08:27 PM

    Great Artists Series - Aired: 10/08/1978

    length: 51:22

    09:18 PM

    Boston Symphony Orchestra at Philharmonic Hall - Aired: 9/24/1962

    length: 01:01:21

    10:19 PM

    The Vocal Scene: Leontyne Price - Aired: 2/06/1997

    length: 56:12

    11:15 PM

    Listen with Jacques Fray - Aired: 9/14/1962

    length: 01:39:59

Comments [1]

Stephen Lepp from Verona, NJ

Dear Friends at WQXR,

I have been listening to WQXR since 1946, when I was 8 years old, and have loved the station ever since.

I regret that I missed the vintage WQXR show(s).
Often I have wished for a chance to hear shows from the past, such as Listening with Jacqes Fray (sp?)

Gala Performance and Summer concerts from Tanglewood.

During the Summer of 1964, I heard a preformance of Schubert's 9th Symphony, performed at Tanglewood by the Boston Syphony Orch. conducted by Joseph Krips in a thrilling

There was a song, on Gala Performance back in the mid Fifties. I don't even know the name, but the melody has been in me ever since.

Might it be possible to play the Schubert, Might it be possible to look through your archives and the listings of Perfomance to find that wonderful song. The fact is, that when I heard it, I had the impression that they gave the composer as Norodam of Cambodia.
I checked Groves, and seached online, and there was a composer named Norodam of Cambodia.

I love the station, had a great time at the Green Space seeing A Christmas Carol, and had the added pleasure of meeting both Mimet and Naomi Lewin.

Best Wishes to you all, for Wonderful Holidays, and a good New Year!!


Dec. 16 2011 11:54 PM

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