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Airs weekdays at 10 am on Q2 Music

As of September 1, 2014, Hammered! is on hiatus. After 5 years of inspired programming and hosting of modern keyboard music, we're excited to try something new. This repertoire will continue to be heard regularly and often throughout our 24-hour stream.

Say hello to Hammered!, Q2 Music's hour-long, weekday program devoted the extraordinary breadth and ever-evolving repertoire of music for keyboard. From concert grand to disklavier, synthesizer to clavichord, prepared piano to toy piano, Hammered! shares musical colors from ebony to ivory and every shade in between.

Throw a dart in New York City and you'll hit an adventurous, talented, experimental, and virtuosic pianist. Q2 Music will provide a happy home for makers and admirers of kaleidoscopic keyboard music of today, including both fresh, newly minted interpretations and revolutionary departures from tradition.

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