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Helga with host Helga Davis (You Us We All, BAM Next Wave Festival 2015; Einstein on the Beach, BAM 2012) is a probing conversation podcast which explores the provocative issues surrounding what it means to be an artist and a citizen in the 21st Century. These issues would be explored through the lens of personal narrative, lively, unafraid discussion, and a genuine sense of shared mission between guest and host - a vocalist and performance artist with feet planted on the most prestigious international stages and with firm roots in the realities and concerns of her local community. From the victorious highs to the poignant, character-building lows, Helga delves into the mixed emotions that arise when grappling with realities of class, culture, race and gender, and draws out insights that illuminate how artistic leaps for an individual can offer connection among audiences.

Helga goes beyond the circuit of rote interviews that promote a music tour, exhibition opening, or book release, and reveals the shimmering personalities behind artists in diverse fields. Guests are those who put themselves out on the edge of their commitment, who dare to change their art form and their world.

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  • Julia Alsop

  • Alex Ambrose

    Alex Ambrose is the senior producer for Q2 Music, WQXR’s online station and website devoted to discovery, curiosity and vibrant 21st-century music.

  • Helga Davis

    Helga Davis served as a principle actor in the 25th-anniversary international revival of Robert Wilson and Philip Glass's seminal opera Einstein on the Beach. Her appearance in You Us We All by Shara Nova (My Brightest Diamond) and Andrew Ondrejcak marked her fifth at the Brooklyn Academy of Music's Next Wave Festival.

  • Curtis Macdonald

    Curtis Macdonald is a Brooklyn-based saxophonist, composer and producer whose works blend composition, sound design and improvisation. Curtis works as a producer and engineer for WQXR’s Q2 Music, and is a member the great American composer and multi-instrumentalist Henry Threadgill’s Ensemble Double-Up.