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Hailed as Southern California's leading performance arts institution and today under the dynamic leadership of 28 year old Venezuelan Gustavo Dudamel the Philharmonic is recognized as one of the world's outstanding orchestras. Recently when Dudamel inaugurated his Philharmonic tenure at the Hollywood Bowl a crowd of eighteen thousand people greeted him with a hollering and stamping pop-star ovation!

“I am thrilled to have the opportunity to do what I love most, and to share it with both the orchestra and the audience. For me, the thrill of conducting comes from bringing everyone together on a journey” -Gustavo Dudamel

There are three main elements behind Gustavo Dudamel's appeal. The first is his astonishing natural command of the art of conducting. Advance notice of his talent spread not through PR departments but in awestruck reports from such illustrious colleagues as Claudio Abbado and Sir Simon Rattle, who encountered him on visits to Venezuela. Second, Maestro Dudamel has an infectious emotional energy that tends to win over jaded souls in audiences and orchestras alike. He does not tend to have the stone-faced mask of seriousness; his bright eyes and wriggling features suggest that he reveals in what he does. Finally, a Latino background puts a new face on an art that is widely viewed as an all-white affair. He is a product of El Sistema, Venezuela's legendary network of youth orchestras, which draws talent from the poorest sections of the country, and his perspective is bracingly different from that of the staid conservatory graduate.

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