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Midge Woolsey became an announcer at WQXR in 1993. On Jan. 31, 2013, she signed off after her final shift at WQXR. Midge has hosted many television specials for WNET including The Three Tenors Live in Paris and The PBS Millennium project. She has worked behind the scenes as part of the production team for PBS's Great Performances, the award winning series of international music, dance and drama programs, The American Experience series and The Language of Life with Bill Moyers.

Fundraising for public broadcasting has been one of Midge's unique accomplishments. Over the years she has hosted many special fundraising events including Josh Groban in Concert and Pavarotti in Central Park. A performer herself, she has sung in some of New York's most prestigious venues. Midge has degrees in theater and music and has worked as a director, performer and choreographer.

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