This is My Music was the forerunner to WQXR’s Mad About Music. Hosted by Lloyd Moss, it featured well-known celebrities, artists, writers, performers, academics and politicians talking about the music they prize and that has most influenced them through the years. Interviewees also listen to selected items from their list of favorites. Among the show's guests were Robert Moog, Gore Vidal, Benny Goodman, E. L. Doctorow, John Simon, Glenda Jackson, Bella Abzug, Marian Seldes, Malcolm Forbes, Eartha Kitt, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Judith Jamison, Marvin Hamlisch, Tony Bennett, Gloria Vanderbilt, Charles Aznavour, Alan Dershowitz, Maurice Sendak, Leo Rosten, Marcel Marceau and Barbara Cook, to name just some of them.

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Recently in This is My Music

Dick Van Dyke

Sunday, June 22, 1980


Marvin Hamlisch

Saturday, November 22, 1980

In this November 1980 edition of This is My Music, Lloyd Moss interviews composer Marvin Hamlisch about his musical career on both coasts.

Benny Goodman

Sunday, February 22, 1981

In this 1981 episode, Lloyd Moss goes to Benny Goodman's apartment to talk to the jazz and swing musician, clarinetist and bandleader about his life and career.

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Judith Jamison

Saturday, May 30, 1981

The dancer, choreographer and singer Judith Jamison on her life and career.