Support Q2 Music's Newest Show: Meet The Composer


Say hello to Meet The Composer. Hosted by new-music black belt, violist Nadia Sirota, and inspired by such trail-blazing shows as Radiolab and This American Life, Meet The Composer is a new radio show and downloadable podcast.

With Meet The Composer, we aim to use the intimate, story-telling power of radio to put amazing thinkers into context, to crack open composers' brains and see what's happening inside: What did the composer listen to as a kid? What did their middle school band sound like? What piece of music did they hear that completely changed everything? 

Each hour-long episode is an exploration of one composer's world and point-of-view brought to life with in-depth interviewing, expert commentary and rich, compelling sound design. Meet The Composer aims to uncover who the composer is as a person, as a thinker, and as an artist and to provide you, the listener, with engaging behind-the-scenes access and imaginatively produced context for new work. 

Q2 Music is proud of this project and wants to make Meet The Composer the best version of itself it could possibly be. In order to do that, we need a little cash to get things going. By donating money for this project via our first-ever Kickstarter campaign, you'll help ensure this amazing show sees the light of day. In return, you'll get some cool rewards. Downloads! Exclusives! Q2 Music Merch! It's all available now, for a couple bucks. Get in on the ground floor and be able to say you made this show happen!