QCard: WQXR's Member Discount Card






Learn more about the QCard

What is the QCard?

The QCard is a WQXR member discount card given to all Sustaining Members and available as a thank you gift for your pledge of $75 or more. The QCard entitles you to card-holder-only discounts and special offers. Offers are updated frequently and can be viewed online any time you wish.

How does the QCard work?

Your QCard, which you will receive in the mail, will have a unique member code which gives you access to wqxr.org/qcard to view the special offers available only to QCard holders.

Can I see the special offers without a QCard?

No, this is an online benefit card only. Once you get your QCard in the mail, you can see a current listing of your QCard benefits when you go to wqxr.org/qcard. Your unique access code for viewing benefits is printed on the back of your QCard.

Which restaurants/organizations currently participate, and how often is the list updated?

There is a mix of local area cultural institutions such as museums, music and dance venues and theaters. You will also receive discounts at businesses such as restaurants and retail establishments. Some examples of our participating partners are The Jerome L. Greene Performance Space, 92Y, Roundabout Theater, American Symphony Orchestra, The New School, September Wines, and many more!

Why should I sign up for the QCard?

It could save you hundreds of dollars each year at restaurants, cultural institutions and businesses throughout the region and around the country—at the same time you are supporting WQXR with your contribution.

For how long is the card valid?

The Sustaining Member QCard is evergreen. All other QCards are valid for one year.

How do I sign up for a card?

You may donate online or call WQXR’s pledge hotline at 888-813-1059.

If I order one, how long will it take to get to me?

Generally—allowing time for processing and shipping—it will take about four to six weeks for us to process your order and send you a QCard. Upon receipt, you may begin enjoying your QCard benefits immediately.

What should I do if a business does not honor my QCard?

Should any problems arise with any of your QCard benefits, please contact qcard@wqxr.org or (646) 829-4000.

What if I have a favorite restaurant or business that isn't on the list? May I recommend them to WQXR?

Sure. If you are aware of a restaurant or business that you would like us to add to the QCard program, please contact qcard@wqxr.org. The QCard staff will contact the restaurant with more information. Please realize each business's participation is voluntary.

What's an appropriate gratuity at restaurants?

If you have received satisfactory service, WQXR suggests you tip the standard 15-20% of the total check (before any deduction is made).