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  • 12:00 AM
    Overnight Music
  • Tune in for a nightly mix that spans the centuries: from full-length operas, oratorios and major symphonies to the latest offerings from New York's vibrant new music scene.

  • 06:00 AM
    From the Top
  • Highlight Show: Recorded in Studio

    This week's "Uncommon Combos Highlights Show" features teenage chamber music groups that are extraordinary not only for their musicianship, but also for their unusual instrumentation or repertoire. A trio of percussionists who share one marimba, a bassoon sextet, and a flute choir are among the uncommon combos in this celebration of the world of great teen chamber music beyond the string quartet.

  • 07:00 AM
    Performance Today
  • Performance Today features live concerts by famous artists in concert halls around the globe and from the American Public Media studios as well as interviews, news and features. Listeners to Performance Today, on any given day, may hear from performances in the great concert halls of New York, Prague, London, Berlin and Paris.

    View This Show's Playlist at American Public Media's Website

  • 08:00 AM
    Classics For Kids
  • Famous Pianist Composers (Who Played Their Own Music)

    Years ago, pianists who gave concerts had to perform works they had written themselves. Learn more about the great pianist composers this week on Classics for Kids.

  • 08:15 AM
    Annie Bergen
  • Annie Bergen's reports on film, music, theater, books and art have won several awards, including an "Outstanding Feature Story" award from the NYSBA. She has interviewed more than 300 arts personalities and is now featured on various WQXR programs.

  • 11:30 AM
  • The Lowdown on High (Male) Voices

    David Daniels tells Marilyn Horne how he found his voice as a countertenor and we ask, "Just what is a countertenor?"

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  • 12:00 PM
    Metropolitan Opera
  • Handel's Giulio Cesare

    Handel's 1724 masterpiece with a cast that includes soprano Natalie Dessay and countertenor David Daniels as the lovers and British mezzo Alice Coote as Sesto.

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  • 04:00 PM
    Clayelle Dalferes
  • Clayelle Dalferes hosts WQXR on Weekend afternoons.

  • 06:00 PM
    David Garland
  • David Garland hosts Saturday and Sunday evenings on WQXR. 

  • 09:00 PM
    Movies on the Radio
  • More Mood Than Melody: The Mysteries of Modern Movie Scoring

    Host David Garland considers scores that make their impact using atmospheric sounds and effects. Featured scores include "To the Wonder," "Beasts of the Southern Wild" and "Broadchurch."

  • 10:00 PM
    All Ears with Terrance McKnight
  • Welcome Home

    If you have fond memories of a place, if only through music, it's nice to go back there sometimes.  On this edition of All Ears, Terrance McKnight shares compositions that might remind you of home.