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  • 12:00 AM
    Overnight Music
  • Tune in for a nightly mix that spans the centuries.

  • 06:00 AM
    Overnight Music
  • Tune in for a nightly mix that spans the centuries.

  • 06:30 AM
    New Jersey Capitol Report
  • Emmy Award-winning anchors Steve Adubato and Rafael Pi Roman examine New Jersey's most pressing public policy issues. New Jersey Capitol Report looks at political, social, and cultural issues affecting the people of New Jersey through in-depth conversations with the state's top legislative leaders, political pundits, and "movers and shakers."

  • 07:00 AM
    Together In Song
  • Special Effects

    Host Anthony Trecek-King explores how composers of the past and present use singers to create a vast world of sound, from the chirping of medieval crickets to the chirp of tires on a modern freeway.

  • 08:00 AM
    Annie Bergen
  • Annie Bergen is the midday host on WQXR. Find her on Twitter @AnnieWQXR.

  • 01:00 PM
    Clayelle Dalferes
  • Clayelle Dalferes hosts Saturday and Sunday afternoons on WQXR.

  • 06:00 PM
    David Garland
  • David Garland is the former host on Saturday and Sunday evenings on WQXR. 

  • 09:00 PM
    Old School
  • Old School features seven centuries of Early Music. 

  • 10:00 PM
    The Romantic Piano
  • Johannes Brahms: From Humble Beginning To Master
    On this edition of The Romantic Piano, David Dubal features part one of two episodes devoted to Johannes Brahms, one of the piano’s great masters.
  • 11:00 PM
    From the WQXR Archives
  • The Vocal Scene with George Jellinek: Nightingales

    George Jellinek celebrates “musical nightingales” featuring enchanting arias from Angela Gheorghiu, Victoria de los Angeles, Rosa Ponselle and more. It's music perfect for a summer evening.