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  • 12:00 AM
  • Kney Sayers

    Pipedreams presents positive returns from the numerous soloists who have presented concerts on the instrument Gabriel Kney built for the University of St. Thomas in Saint Paul, Minn.

  • 12:00 AM
    Mozart and the Opera with Matt Aucoin
  • Mozart and the Opera with Matt Aucoin

    Conductor and composer Matt Aucoin takes a closer look at the Mozart's gift for covering a wide emotional range with his operas. Aucoin surveys the landscape with arias from The Marriage of Figaro as well as an ensemble from Idomeneo.

  • 01:00 AM
    Overnight Music
  • Tune in for a nightly mix that spans the centuries.

  • 05:30 AM
    Jeff Spurgeon
  • Jeff Spurgeon is the morning host on WQXR. Find him on Twitter @JeffWQXR.

  • 10:00 AM
    Elliott Forrest
  • Elliott Forrest is the afternoon host on WQXR.

  • 03:00 PM
    Naomi Lewin
  • Naomi Lewin was the former weekend host on WQXR.

  • 07:00 PM
    Terrance McKnight
  • Terrance McKnight is the evening host on WQXR.

  • 10:00 PM
    Chamber Music Society
  • Russian Quintets

    From its home in New York's Alice Tully Hall, the Chamber Music Society this week presents a program of works by by Prokofiev and Shostakovich.

  • 11:00 PM
    Exploring Music
  • Mozart Piano Concertos

    Mozart seizes an almost non-existent genre, the piano concerto, and elevates it to one of the most revered and popular musical forms.