Alex North Centenary, Part 1

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With bold, original scores for films such as A Streetcar Named Desire, The Misfits, Spartacus, and Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, composer Alex North introduced a modern, American sensibility to film music. In advance of North's centenary (Dec. 4), host David Garland presents the first of two programs displaying North's genius. This week Garland is joined by North enthusiast Jon Burlingame, who teaches film music history at the University of Southern California.



Alex North - Unchained - Unchained Melody - Bay Cities

Alex North - Fun Ride - Bite the Bullet - Prometheus

Alex North - The King And Four Queens - Main Title - Varese Masters Film Music

Alex North - Dragonslayer - Destroy That Amulet! - La-La Land

Alex North - Death of a Salesman - (m01) - Kritzerland

Alex North - A Streetcar Named Desire - Main Title  - Cloud Nine

Alex North - A Streetcar Named Desire - Seduction - Varese Sarabande

Alex North - Sanctuary - Candy's Return - Varese Sarabande

Alex North - Spartacus - Gladiators Fight to the Death - MCA

Alex North - Spartacus - Main Title, Homeward Bound - Varese Sarabande