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A Skydiving Violinist's Unlucky Break

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Falling from the sky is a risky proposition. But for most skydivers, broken violin bows rank low on the list of potential hazards.

The Australian concert violinist Kym Staton hoped to achieve a first by playing the Winter movement from Vivaldi's Four Seasons as he parachuted into a Sydney park on Thursday.

He prepared for the feat by modifying his spare violin, gluing on the shoulder rest and putting on heavy-duty strings. However, the forces of nature were too much and his bow string snapped just as he was about to play in mid-air.

Staton's jump was designed to promote a concert at the Opera House on Sunday.

He told an Australian newspaper that he decided to attempt the stunt on a dare from his girlfriend. "I surf and I snowboard but skydiving is something I have always been scared of," he said. "But I am doing this because my career is taking off."

Fortunately, Staton did not take his concert violin on the jump with him.