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Have I mentioned how much I love the holidays? This is just by far my favorite time of year. This has a lot to do, I’m sure, with my early December birthday and love of autumnal crispness, but more than that, I am obsessed with the way that cities take on decoration.

Overnight, streets are adorned with garlands and lights, store windows are spectacular, restaurants find festive cardboard cutouts to haphazardly hang from joints in drop-ceilings and vendors start doing brisk business in hot, sugary things. In honor of New York’s late-fall finery, we’ll be exploring music that is orchestrationally decked-out; there’ll be glockenspiel, celeste, harp, electronics and plenty of things that sparkle.

Join me this week for a celebration of eccentric, plush instrumentation! We’ll be hearing from old friends and new discoveries alike. Here’s a video of a composer who is decked-out both orchestrationally and harmonically, the always-festive Olivier Messiaen.