Darmstadt in C

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Terry Riley's In C has long been a staple of the contemporary music repertoire with its infinite possibility and open structure. In this November 16 performance at (Le) Poisson Rouge, Brooklyn's Darmstadt Series presents its interpretation of the masterpiece, featuring a hand-picked ensemble that reflects the diversity of sounds of New York's New Music community including voices, electric guitars and electronics.

Darmstadt "Classics of the Avant Garde" is a Brooklyn-based contemporary music series led by composer-musicians Zach Layton and Nick Hallett. Sponsored by the ISSUE Project Room, Darmstadt presents two annual programs at the space including a month-long institute of premieres, video screenings and lecture performances as well as an Essential Repertoire Festival of works from the experimented music canon. Always committed to programming innovative works, Darmstadt's version of In C employs the talents of rock drummer, Jonathan Kane, a noted collaborator with the grandfather of minimalism, La Monte Young. 

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