Fly the Friendly Airwaves

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How cool is this? Cincinnati is now an airport oasis for music lovers. Instead of being bombarded by Muzak, passengers at Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky Airport (CVG) now tote that baggage and lift that laptop (not to mention shed those shoes) to the strains of Beethoven and Tchaikovsky. In mid-December, they started broadcasting Cincinnati Symphony and Pops recordings throughout the terminals. SCORE ONE FOR CLASSICAL MUSIC! 

It may not be enough to make serious music lovers facing long lay-overs route their flights through Cincinnati, but airlines do always make that "thank you" announcement at the end of the flight, saying that you have a choice when it comes to air travel. And how cool would it be to hear the New York (or Brooklyn) Philharmonic at JFK and LGA, and the New Jersey Symphony at EWR?

Is there a place you wish would put classical music on its system, instead of whatever else you’re subjected to? (For me, it’s the dentist's office, where the taste in music always seems to set my teeth on edge.)

Below: The Cincinnati Symphony brass quintet serenades travelers: