Operation Opera

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Opera is so genius. The ritual of attending such a spectacle assuages all of my liturgical impulses. The stories are massive, bizarre and unwieldy, the logistics are impossible, the music over-the-top. This holiday week, we are going to delve deep into 20th and 21st century opera, listening to some wonderful, large-scale works.

My first opera at the Met was Lulu, Berg's opera about a lady who controls everyone she meets via her rabid sexuality, before she's offed by Jack the Ripper, which I attended for music history class. The experience was so unbelievably fun that to this day I'll defend Lulu as by far the best thing ever of all time. Also that orchestra sounds insane.

So join me this week for operas of all stripes! Be prepared as featured operas include Einojuhani Rautavaara's The House of the Sun, Steve Reich's The Cave, Michael Nyman's Love Counts, Aarre Merikanto's Juha, John Adams' Nixon in China, Missy Mazzoli's Song from the Uproar and many many more!

What is your favorite opera of the past 100 years? Maybe we can still fit it into the programming!