The Modern Radio Drama

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This holiday season WQXR and WNYC are broadcasting a radio drama version of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol with David Hyde Pierce as Scrooge and many of your favorite public radio hosts as narrators and characters. Composer John Forster played piano and A Prairie Home Companion's Fred Newman performed stunning live sound effects.

This sort of amazing art form is almost non-existent these days. A number of radio dramas, including works by Tom Stoppard, have been done our very own Jerome L. Greene Performing Space and there seems to be a new radio drama version of The Graduate (with Kathleen Turner) in the works.  But for the most part when people think of radio dramas or comedies, they think of Orson Welles and Jack Benny. This is a shame. I love this art form. I think it is incredibly evocative to listen to and a wonderful challenge to produce.

Do you have any particular fond memories of radio dramas of yore? Would you like to hear more on the radio?  What did you think of our A Christmas Carol? Love to know!