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Monday, December 27, 2010

It's totally snowing here in New York. Perhaps you've read the internet about it; people are into it. So hey, there's something about a snow day that really lends itself to reflection. Especially a snow day in the last week of a year, say 2010, for example.

We've had a really great 2010 here at Q2. To be fair, at just over 1 year old, we've done almost everything we've ever done in 2010... but hooray! It was a nice year. While we look forward to a great big fat new year of New Music in 2011, we thought we'd take a moment and reflect on all the wonderful things that happened this past season.

This week on Nadia Sirota on Q2, we'll tour some of the best albums, artists and live performances of 2010. So grab a steaming hot beverage of some sort and let's reminisce, shall we?

What was your favorite Q2 moment of '10? (I'm somehow STILL tempted to say "oh-ten") Was it one of our live shows? A composer portrait? Did you discover any new favorites this past year? Let us know!

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Nadia Sirota

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Christian from Hamburg-Germany

Hi Nadia, thank you for your great show. I try to listen to it as often as I can. Besides the
Bedroom Community artists (that´s where I discovered your name first - then I read your name in the latest The National CD) I discovered Bora Yoon and really like her latest album.
Sadly you were not in Hamburg with The Whale Watching Tour this august but maybe there´s an opportunity to see you live next year?!?
Happy New Year!

Dec. 31 2010 02:55 PM

Jordan, we will be including for on-demand streaming the first hour of each week's Monday show of Nadia Sirota on Q2 (see above). Happy listening and happy soon-to-be New Year!

Dec. 29 2010 02:08 PM
Jordan from Outer Interwebs

I woke up too late and missed the show... Can we listen to archived episodes?

Dec. 29 2010 05:47 AM

Tristan, take a number, we're all in love with Nadia and Q2. :-) But welcome to the listenership of the best development in new music since old music. You're right. You'll never turn off your speakers again, trust me and try it on Bose headphones, life-changing sonic stuff.

Want to see and hear something drop-dead cool? Here is Nadia on viola (her other life) and Nico Muhly performing Nico's KEEP IN TOUCH. That's how legit this whole thing you're listening to really is. Incredible, no? Q2 is new music by new musicians, themselves.

Nadia, don't get a big head, and great theme for the week, congrats on such an amazing year, I'm glad to say I've been listening the whole time!

Dec. 27 2010 11:59 AM

I am actually listening to Q2 for the first time tonight, and I must say i am floored by how utterly LEGIT it is!! keep up the good work, i am sure i will be listening just about everytime i sit down at my computer from now on...i think i might be in love with Nadia

Dec. 27 2010 12:32 AM

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