Judd Greenstein: Composer-Curator

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As unreliable as terminology can be, the phrase "indie-classical" has become the go-to description for a community of young composers and ensembles exploring the boundaries of experimental pop music and contemporary music. Composer Judd Greenstein has exerted an undeniable influence on this New Music community, in his role as founder of the adventurous New Amsterdam label and, most recently, in the curation of the ambitious Ecstatic Music Festival kicking off Monday, January 17 at Merkin Concert Hall.

In this recent interview with Q2 host and (full disclosure) Ecstatic Music Festival performer, Nadia Sirota, Greenstein discusses the impetus behind the festival, its experimental twist on the nature of collaborating and what the term "indie-classical" is actually getting at.

How do you think composers/musicians from different genres have come together to collaborate? What are the benefits when they step out of their comfort zones? Have their been pairings from pop, indie, classical, etc. that have succeeded in charting innovative, new territory?