New, Old, and Unexpected with Milton Babbitt

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This two-hour, 70th-birthday celebratory episode of WNYC host Tim Page's groundbreaking series New, Old and Unexpected is the culmination of Q2's archival look at the life and times of recently deceased composer and pedagogue Milton Babbitt. This immersive, unparalleled interview with the seminal 20th century composer paves the way for host Nadia Sirota's exploration Friday at 8 p.m. on Q2 of how Babbitt forever changed our contemporary musical landscape and language.

Though this interview offers ample discussion between Babbitt and host Tim Page, there is also room for unexcerpted pieces of Babbitt's, normally only heard in abbreviated form, including All Set for jazz ensemble; Composition for Guitar performed by David Starobin; Phonemena for soprano and piano with soprano Lynne Webber and pianist Jerry Kuderna; Phonemena for soprano and tape again with Lynne Webber; More Phonemena conducted by Christopher Fulkerson; Tableau and Lagniappe with pianist Robert Taub; and finally Paraphrases performed by Parnassus.