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Composer Milton Babbitt, who passed away on Jan. 29 at age 94, was not only one of the most influential musical innovators in the 20th century, he was a man whose wit and love for life inspired everyone around him. Join us tonight, Friday at 8 p.m. EST on Q2, in honoring the legacy, work and humanity of this great 20th century thinker. In this special presentation, we’ll hear from Babbitt himself in excerpts from a 1985 interview with former WNYC host Tim Page; from longtime Babbitt colleague Joel Sachs; and from students, champions, and fellow composers whose lives he's touched.

As a pedagogue, Babbitt taught a statistically shocking percentage of composers over the last six decades. In talking to his students, we’ve unearthed scores of stories that tell not only of Babbitt’s compositional wisdom, but of his love for Chinese food, microbrews, baseball and musical theater, to name but a few topics.

It has been really amazing and humbling to collect all of these wonderful stories about arguably the biggest personality in 20th century music, but we want to keep the dialogue going! 

We have three options for you:

  • Leave your Babbitt stories, reminiscences and anecdotes in the comments section below
  • Submit your photos to q2@wqxr.org or in the box below (please include your name) and we'll add them to the Babbitt photo gallery that host Nadia Sirota has begun. Scroll down or click "See Results" to view the slideshow.
  • Call in your tribute to Milton Babbitt at our Google voicebox at (347) 687-9385