Mode Records Benefit

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This is a period of transition for the recording industry. Old systems of distribution and selling are suddenly failing, and the future is unclear. On the one hand, this means that musicians don't need the old record company hierarchy and can theoretically reach their audience more directly. On the other hand, it means that the curatorial, museum- or library-like record companies are suffering along with the commercially oriented ones.

Mode Records is a label based here in New York City, and for over 25 years they've recorded and presented modern classical, avant-garde, and new music. With the goal of recording John Cage's complete works, Mode has issued nearly 40 volumes in that growing series. They've also issued many CDs of music by Morton Feldman, Iannis Xenakis, Lou Harrison, Harry Partch, and many others. Mode's comprehensive, coordinated approach is aimed at the curious listener.

This Saturday, Nov. 21, a lot of musicians and listeners will be getting together to benefit Mode Records with two concerts at the Abrons Center, 466 Grand Street at Pitt Street, Manhattan. David Garland, WQXR host and host of WNYC's Spinning on Air will host the events, and some of the greats performing include Philip Glass, John Zorn, Robert Ashley, Margaret Leng Tan, and many others. For more concert details, please click here.