Tiger Mother Music

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Much has been made of the stringent tactics in Amy Chua's parenting memoir, "Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother," especially from the "Western" parents Chua believes are lackadaisical self-esteem hounds who are too gentle to require perfection from their kids. Chua's daughters, Lulu and Sophia, were barred from attending sleep-overs or watching TV and were required to practice their mom-approved instruments, violin and piano, for at least two hours each day. Classical music, then, is a large part of Chua's house as well as her parenting technique.

In this week's Arts File, Kerry Nolan talks to Amy Chua and to Anna Povich de Mayor, a teacher at Turtle Bay Music School. Turtle Bay's motto is "a place to play," and although Povich de Mayor believes in discipline, her ideas are slightly different from Chua's.

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