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Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Academy Awards ceremony is Sunday night, but on Saturday, host David Garland rolls out the radio red carpet, and invites you to a special Movies on the Radio Oscar party. On this two-hour special, hear this year's Oscar-nominated scores as well as past Academy Award-winning music. Plus polls and games (see below), and your chance to call in and win a full 13-CD set of Charles Gerhardt's Classic Film Score Recordings.

Don Brockway's Turner Classic Movies Generate-a-Movie-Plot Game

David writes: My friend Don Brockway recently died, but during the last few years he gathered a lot of info and ideas about his arcane enthusiasms on his blog. I particularly like the game he invented based on the movie plot descriptions used by the cable TV channel Turner Classic Movies. Don devised this game using the TCM program guide, but you'll find the same type of plot descriptions on TCM's monthly schedule. Have fun, and please contribute your plot mash-ups to the comments section on this page!


Best Original Score


Movie-Making Dream Team

Let's plan an imaginary movie. Vote in each category to assemble a dream team to accomplish this ideal -- or a just plain absurd -- movie. Depending on how you vote, we may end up with a Science Fiction film directed by Orson Welles starring Samuel L. Jackson and Bette Davis with music by Bernard Herrmann, or maybe a Historical Romance directed by Quentin Tarrantino starring Colin Firth and Lindsay Lohan with music by Ennio Morricone. Or maybe even a team that makes sense.

Call To Win A Full 13-CD set of Charles Gerhardt’s Classic Film Score Recordings

Charles Gerhardt’s Classic Film Score series helped re-introduce movie lovers to orchestral scores in the 1970s. Using the original orchestrations, heard in rich stereo sound, Gerhardt and the National Philharmonic Orchestra recreated legendary scores of Hollywood’s most memorable films. Re-mastered for the first time using the original analog masters and including the original LP liner notes, 13 albums of Classic Film Scores will be available in March from Sony Music. (The call-in number will be announced during Saturday's show.)

Comments [28]

What a fun party it was! Although I didn't get the 13 CDs (I just got busy signals), I really enjoyed it. Thank you, David!
Especially I liked your Oscar best scores remix. My personal best among 2011 Oscar nominees is Inception. Next year you've gotta have the party at Greene Space. WQXR, consider it seriously.

Feb. 27 2011 12:33 AM
David Garland

Thanks for listening and playing. I'll get the playlist posted here on this page by Monday or sooner, so please check back.

Feb. 26 2011 10:21 PM

A fun show, David, Thank you!

Congrats to Paul for winning the collection!

Feb. 26 2011 10:07 PM
Mark from Jersey City

Forest Gump/ Streetcar Named Desire/Quo Vadis

A mentally challenged man, falls for a Christian slave girl, while performing at a British music hall.

Feb. 26 2011 10:01 PM
richard from brooklyn

That background music is Grieg not Mussorgsky. And David you said Trent Reznor and Alex Ross! And not Atticus Ross.
Of interest George Korngold produced a those Gerhardt recordings.

Feb. 26 2011 10:00 PM
DJ from NJ

Mr. Smith Goes to Washington
Quo Vadis
Dark Victory

An idealistic Senate replacement falls for a Christian slave girl when she develops a brain tumor.

Feb. 26 2011 09:42 PM
rkwood from bklyn

In a cross-country trip to sell drugs an ambitious woman, and sensitive young reporter, fall for a woman determined to keep her virginity.

Easy rider, Little foxes, lonelyhearts, moon is blue

this is too much fun!

Feb. 26 2011 09:40 PM
Gregg from Astoria Queens

Thank you David for including music from the Star Wars trilogy in your collection so far. It is by far the best known example of a properly written sound track. (Next to the music for the Star Trek series of films and TV shows.) The style of John Williams can best be called in the style of Wagner, and it shows.

Feb. 26 2011 09:33 PM
David from New Jersey

Adventures of Robin Hood
Days of Wine and Roses

The bandit king of Sherwood Forest fight to conquer alcoholism just before the Battle of the Bulge.

Feb. 26 2011 09:29 PM
Ed Enstrom from Pearl River NY

A sure-fire blockbuster mashup: music, skullduggery and adventure -

Anchors Aweigh / House on 92nd Street / The Black Swan

A pair of sailors on leave infiltrate a Nazi spy ring to clean up the Caribbean.

Feb. 26 2011 09:23 PM
Anjali from NYC

Room with a View/Casablanca/Blow Up

An Englishwoman is torn between her straitlaced fiance and an American saloon owner in North Africa, who discovers a murder in the background of a candid photo.

Feb. 26 2011 09:20 PM
Michelle D. Brown from Ozone Park, NY

Where will I find tonight's playlist?

Feb. 26 2011 09:18 PM
Gayle Stahlhuth from Oscar Party

Othello, The Devorcee, Guess Who's Coming to Dinner.

A famed general convinces himself that his wife is unfaithful. The double standard destroys a liberal couple's marriage.
An aging couple's liberal principles are tested when their daughter announces her engagement to a black doctor.

Director: Stanley Kramer

Cast: Norma Shearer, Laurence Olivier, Maggie Smith, and Sidney Poitier

Feb. 26 2011 09:11 PM

From Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, Kramer Vs. Kramer, and Madame Curie:

Six lumberjacks get a crash course in experiments with radioactivity.

Feb. 26 2011 09:11 PM
Audrey from Jersey City

Kramer vs Kramer plus Stand and Deliver plus Viva Zapata!

When his wife leaves him, a hopeful teacher uses math to leads the peasants against a corrupt president.

Feb. 26 2011 09:08 PM
Jack Cibrian from South Amboy, NJ

Gandhi/ 2010/ Stand and Deliver

The legendary Indian leader investigates a mysterious monolith to give his gang-member students self esteem.

Feb. 26 2011 09:08 PM

Learning about the film mashup game immediately after hearing an excerpt from Erich Wolfgang Korngold's Anthony Adverse..... I nominate a combination of "Robin Hood" and "All About Eve": a man robs from the bitch and gives to the whore.

Feb. 26 2011 09:03 PM
Ed from Douglaston, NY

A Kansas farm girl uses a Delorean to travel back in time and discovers the true identity of her nemesis: he is her own father.

I call it "Somewhere Back To A Galaxy Far Away"

Feb. 26 2011 08:54 PM
Bob from LI, NY

Is there a playlist from tonight's show?

Feb. 26 2011 08:39 PM
susan from NYC

Thin Man, Citizen Kane & Last Summer:
A husband-&-wife detective team takes on
the investigation of a publishing tycoon's dying words
to humiliate an insecure girl.

Feb. 26 2011 08:36 PM
Barry O'Neal from New York

How can you leave Alfred Hitchcock off the director list? In fact, the best combo of all time may have been VERTIGO. Director: Hitchcock, Score: Hermann, Stars: Jimmy Stewart & Kim Novack. I'm not prepared to argue that this is the greatest movie of all time, though it would certainly be on my top ten list, along with CITIZEN KANE, 2001, RAN and THE BRIDE WORE BLACK ( 2 of these have Bernard Herrmann scores. oops...a pattern), among others.

Feb. 26 2011 08:34 PM

Oh, that game is a hoot! Here's a mashed up plot based on blurbs for The Sundowners, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, and Anne of the Thousand Days:

An Australian sheepherder unleashes the beast within and fights to keep Henry VIII's love.

Feb. 26 2011 08:22 PM
Yuko I from NJ

Since I learned about this 2 hr special program, I've been excited! Gotta Listen!
Accordingly I changed my regular schedule on Saturdays and Sundays (to watch Oscar on TV, of course! and hopefully join the chat by WQXR : )
Regerttably I haven't watched King's Speech yet, so I can't vote for the best music score here ...

Feb. 26 2011 02:39 PM
Jake Dahlman from NYC

That was fun!

Feb. 26 2011 12:00 PM

Can't you see it? Colin and Bette arrive at the city destroyed by aliens. Bette says "What a dump!", and Colin says, "As a baby, I was found in a handbag in what was that train station!" Crescendo!
All's quiet now! Fade...........wonderful!

Feb. 24 2011 08:16 AM
Raul R Nunez from New York

We adore the New Improved WQXR, we shall have now TWO hours of movie music,(music that was meant to be seen but not heard) , that added to the mediocrities of "records of the week" and such, will make it the " Best Ever Easy Listening Station of the New York New Jersey Area"

Feb. 23 2011 10:34 PM
Gary Friedland from Teaneck N.J.

a perfect combination for my selections
for director, type of film , music,
actor and actress.

Feb. 23 2011 08:15 PM
James R. Matarazzo Jr. from North Caldwell

Love it!

Feb. 23 2011 05:53 PM

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