Large-Scale Awesomeness

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I am still reeling from the incredible spectacle and absurdly musically-satisfying event that was Inuksuit at the Armory last week. While many pieces written on this scale can be at best a fun gimmick, this was a moving, compositionally pristine work that happened to be absolutely massive. When I was excitedly recapping the event with a participating piccolo player, we found ourselves comparing Inuksuit to The Gates in Central Park: something that could well have been graceless and unwieldy that was executed so well as to be really, really wonderful.

In honor of big, awesome things, Nadia Sirota on Q2 this week is featuring the big and the excellent. This week’ll be devoted to some of Q2’s fave composers, JLA himself, Bach (so what if he’s very dead, he’s awesome), Andriessen and Messiaen, among others.

While the long form is tough, some people just nail it. What are your favorite massive artistic events, musical or otherwise? Did you like the Gates? How about all those waterfalls?

Here's a video on Inuksuit from my perch at the Park Ave Armory on Sunday, February 20, 2011. We're about 20% into the piece:

More videos of Inuksuit on Q2's facebook video page. Check it out!