Bruce Brubaker and Francesco Tristano

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(Le) Poisson Rouge has garnered a reputation for presenting cutting-edge, offbeat and one-of-a-kind performances. On February 3, a performance titled [ Simultaneo ], did not disappoint. Not satisfied with performing just one concert, the pianists Bruce Brubaker and Francesco Tristano performed two concerts at the exact time, layering different pieces on top of each other resulting in an unexpectedly unified and complementary musical product.

Composers and pieces featured in this overlapping concert include Dietrich Buxtehude, Orlando Gibbons, Earle Brown's 25 Pages, Philip Glass's Etudes and Wichita Vortex Sutra, Olivier Messiaen's Regard du Pere, Robert Schumann's Fantasy Pieces, op. 12 and op. 111 and John Cage's Dream and In a Landscape.

In addition, the concert celebrates Francesco Tristano's new album Idiosynkrasia which was recently released in the US in January on the label, Infiné. Much like the experimental, layered concert format, this record is a study in juxtaposition, this time contrasting the traditional acoustic piano with the technological elements of electronic music. Two tracks from Idiosynkrasia, Mambo and Noch Wasser Noch Erde are highlighted in this performance.

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