Confronting the System

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The classical music arena has a reputation for being a color-blind meritocracy. But the numbers tell a different story. Just about two percent of the nation's orchestra musicians are black, according to the latest data. Those numbers aren’t significantly different in the worlds of opera and chamber music. That lack of ethnic diversity is increasingly a sore point as barriers come down in other fields, from corporations to Hollywood to the White House.

In the second of two podcasts on diversity in classical music, Terrance McKnight talks with three prominent decision-makers and experts in classical music: Alison Scott-Williams, the Associate Vice President for Diversity and Campus Life at Juilliard; Ed Yim, the director of artistic planning at New York City Opera; and Mark Kent, the Senior Director of Education and Community Engagement at the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, where he oversees the Talent Development Program.

This podcast was produced by Brian Wise.