New Music Fright Fest

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I cannot over-represent how much I enjoy the holiday season. The months between Halloween and New Years contain the right weather, amazing performances and so much festivity! I like festvity. Ergo, this week, leading up to the big holiday kickoff that is Halloween, we'll be as festive as possible. Get ready for some S-C-A-R-Y music on Q2.

Though tempted to play The Monster Mash on a continuous loop, I thought I'd go with some genuinely unsettling masterpieces by such composers as Crumb, Ligeti and Penderecki. There is a reason this music scared people silly in such movies as The Excorist and The Shining.

So mull some cider, carve a pumpkin, fashion your "sexy Pierre Boulez" costume and listen to some of the best 20th and 21st century occult-referencing music around!

Got any ideas? What pieces do find downright CREEPY?