It's Alive!

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My head is spinning, there have been so many amazing live events this season! I've been lucky enough to enjoy many of these nocturnal happenings and to be able to share many of them with you via the magic Internet. As such, this coming (Spring) season of Cued Up is going to be dynamite! We've got thirteen amazing performances, all recorded in and around our fair city. 

To gear up for a brand-new season of live events, I've devoted this week's shows to the ensembles, composers and soloists we'll be featuring all Spring long. Of course, since this is Q2, we have plenty of live performances from Cued Ups past (Cueds Up?) on tap. Cued Up Spring Edition began yesterday with our friends Zoe Keating and Todd Reynolds, and over the next few Sundays you'll hear Kronos Quartet and NY Phil and International Contemporary Ensemble and Shara Worden and So Percussion and and and... 

I can't wait to share some incredible live performances. What was your favorite live show this year? What venues either open or about to open get you excited about hearing New Music?