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Monday, March 28, 2011

If you ask me, classical music doesn’t need saving. In New York, feisty young ensembles offer more performances than any one person can absorb over the course of a week. Several labels have popped up specifically to churn out music by living composers. From Carnegie Hall and New York City Opera to (Le) Poisson Rouge and The Tank, new works are constantly receiving first listens. Peace out, Pachelbel, there’s a whole new canon.

Also new is Q2's New Canon: a weekly show bringing you the newest of the new in New Music, including free downloads and live online chats during the show with featured artists. Today we fire off the first shots of The New Canon with friend of Q2, Todd Reynolds. A classical pioneer in both performance and composition, Todd’s new album, Outerborough, drops March 29 on Innova Records. Starting Monday, we'll offer here a limited-time free download of Outerborough's Transamerica, composed by Reynolds. 

Todd Reynolds: Transamerica

It’s a fantastic ride, as one could only expect from one of the foxiest hybrid-chamber musicians on the market today. We also get to hear some of Reynolds’s own compositions in addition to works by Paul de Jong, David Lang, Michael Gordon and more. Reynolds is also our guest for a live online conversation, discussing his work on the album and the other works featured today. I encourage you to follow along in the chat window below, join in the conversation with your own questions or Tweet your comments with #q2new. 

In a nod to WQXR’s chamber music celebration Trout Week, we also feature works by Janus and Build, plus the world premiere recording of Philip Glass’s Suite from Bent, played by the always-inventive and always-satisfying Brooklyn Rider.

Hosted by:

Olivia Giovetti

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DJK from Brooklyn!

This first show was awesome. I'm more of a "classical" classical music fellow- I like me some Verdi, Puccini and Wagner. I really love the IDEA of new classical music- because I feel like it's important to the future of the art form i love. At the same time, you can't really fake what you like and don't like in your heart of hearts- and in my hear of hearts, I find myself being INTERESTED by a lot of new classical music when I hear it, but not like, being "Oh, let me listen to that on repeat for an hour because it's so awesome." I felt like the pieces on the show yesterday, however, were really fantastic, and I would definitely listen to them on repeat for an hour. They were really vibrant and emotional and FRIENDLY to the listener. So. Well done. I look forward to you showing me what I should be listening to next week. Hooray!

Mar. 29 2011 11:47 AM

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