Composer Caleb

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You may have noticed we've got a thing for composers over here at Q2. It was, ergo, really only a matter of time before we started our new Composer Intoduction series.

Over the course of a week, we'll do our best to get you acquainted with our featured living composer, chosen from a pool of voices new and old, male and female, hyper-local and far-removed. Q2's New Music Cocktail Party! (Any suggestions for composer-themed signature cocktails in the comments are much appreciated!)

This week, we explore the music of Caleb Burhans. Caleb's one of these aggressively multi-instrumental types; I think I caught a glimpse of a business card that read: Composer/Arranger, Tenor/Countertenor, Violin/ Viola. He's also got guitar and some keyboards, has a band called itsnotyouitsme, and is a member of New Music groups including ACME and Alarm Will Sound. Busy kid.

This week, we'll focus on Composer Caleb. We've got our mitts on a whole bunch of exclusive, unreleased recordings, which you'll hear throughout the week. He's written his own introduction for his music exclusively for Q2. And! There's a limited-time free download available HERE courtesy of Innova Records and pianist Danny Holt.

Happy inaugural Composer Introduction everybody! There's much more to come. Oh, and which composers would you love to see us feature in the future?