Gavin Bryars Introduces

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As part of our deep dive into the music of English composer Gavin Bryars, we offer on-demand insight and commentary on numerous pieces from the composer himself. Hear the exclusive introductions throughout Never Failed Me Yet followed by the related pieces or listen to the unabridged versions of the composer's commentary in our permanent archive below.

Given the extent of Bryars's current repertoire, we've grouped pieces by the form of their original instrumentation. Performance details are taken from and Bryars's publisher, Schott Music.

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Amjad (2007)
Dance by Edouard Lock, after Tchaikovsky for two violas, cello, piano

BIPED (1999)
ensemble and pre-recorded tape

G, Being the Confession and Last Testament of Johannes Gensfleisch, also known as Gutenberg, Master Printer, formerly of Strasbourg and Mainz (2001)
Opera for soloists and orchestra

Medea (1982; rev. 1984 and 1995)
Opera for soloists, chorus and orchestra

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After the Requiem (1990, rev. 2003)
electric guitar and strings

The Archangel Trip (1993)

Epilogue from Wonderlawn (1994, rev. 2006)
double bass choir and piano

Four Elements (1990)
large ensemble

The Porazzi Fragment (1999, rev. 2006)
string ensemble

The Sinking of the Titanic (1969)
digital tapes and ensemble

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Allegrasco (1983, rev. 1998)
clarinet or soprano saxophone and string orchestra

By the Vaar (1987)
double bass, bass clarinet, percussion and strings

Cello Concerto, "Farewell to Philosophy" (1995)
solo cello and orchestra 

Double Bass Concerto, "Farewell to St. Petersburg" (2002)
solo double bass and orchestra

The Green Ray (1991)
soprano saxophone and chamber orchestra

The Old Tower of Lobenicht (1987)
violin or viola and chamber ensemble

Piano Concerto, "The Solway Canal" (2009)
solo piano, male choir and orchestra

Violin Concerto, "The Bulls of Bashan" (2000)
violin and orchestra

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Ramble on Cortona (2010)

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Alaric I or II (1989)
saxophone quartet

The Last Days (Die letzten Tage) (2002)
two violins

One Last Bar Then Joe Can Sing (1994)
5 percussion 

The South Downs (1995)
cello and piano

String Quartet No. 1, "Between the National and the Bristol" (1985 )
string quartet 

String Quartet No. 2 (1990)
string quartet 

String Quartet No. 3 (1998)
string quartet 

Sub Rosa (1986)
six players

The North Shore (1995)
viola and piano

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The Black River (2000)
soprano and organ

Cadmium Requiem (1989)
male voices and strings

Glorious Hill (1988, rev. 2005)

The Summons (2008)

a capella male choir

Super Flumina (2000)
four unaccompanied voices or male choir

Three Poems of Cecco Angiolieri (1997)
mixed choir with soli

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