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What are your thoughts on the music of Gavin Bryars?

Are there pieces your fellow listeners should look out for? How would you describe his style? Perhaps you remember exactly where you were the first time you heard Jesus' Blood Never Failed Me Yet? Have you performed his music? What stories about the man or his music would you like to share?

Here's an example from conductor and Bryars champion, Richard Bernas:

"Gavin and I first worked together playing keyboards for Harold Budd's Pavilion of Dreams, a recording produced by Brian Eno for his Obscure label. Later he asked me to conduct his first opera, Medea (directed by Robert Wilson) for the Operas of Lyon and Paris.

"The more I've got to know Bryars’s work the more variety and curiosity I find. Variety of means and a real curiosity about what sound is in the world: an early String Quartet tries out of some of Busoni's theorems proposed by the famous manifesto, A Sketch for a New Esthetic of Music; A Man in a Room, Gambling (his brilliant collaboration with the Spanish sculptor Juan Munoz) looks at cheating at cards as a ruminative, speculative pursuit, wrapped inside some of the tenderest chord progressions imaginable. There’s some distance from -- maybe even a coolness about -- the sources of Gavin’s inspiration, but you will find a range of imagination and a technical audacity that never ceases to arouse your interest. He’s an original."

Share your stories and insights on the music and legacy of Gavin Bryars in the comments section below. Perhaps you'll even upload a photo relating to him, his ensemble or his music.